About Us
We are a family business that have been trading since 2013 and we base in UNITED KINGDOM
We are specialists in African Fabrics Such as Laces,Wax Prints,Masai shuka Blankets,Kikoy scarf and Kanga Sarong. 
We specialize in both retail and wholesale purchases.For retail purchases, there is no minimum quantity. For wholesale price,please let us know and we will give you the price and minimum Quantity  of order.
We hold the largest stocks of African African textiles which simply means that our prices can not be beat !
 Customer Service is of the greatest importance to us.
We are welcome all feedback.
Please do not hesitate to phone or email us directly, will be more than happy to respond to any further inquiries that you may have.

Email: mwangawachu@gmail.com
We hope you enjoy your shopping experience
Kind Regards

Kitenge Textiles